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Dr.Shalini Rai is the resident dental surgeon at Smile Station, the premier ISO Certified dental centre in Indiranagar Bangalore.

She graduated from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University in 2013.She work at a private dental practice at Raipur for a year before she moved to Bangalore.

Getting your braces on could be a little confusing for first timers, you will have lots of questions and confusions, and here are some of those frequently asked questions answered by the experts at SmileStation –

How long will the procedure take?

Well, it should not take more than hour including the set up time.

Do you want to know in advance if your braces are going to come off?

In this case probably your orthodontist will most likely inform you prior and also will expect you to be ready to have your braces removed at the next visit. However, this is only a guess but if your teeth move non-deliberately, or not enough, during the appointments, then removal may be postponed.

How about the pain?

This is a game of pressure and no pain, but there may be slight discomfort and pain while having your new retainer.

What are the expectations?

The orthodontist will use pliers to remove the brackets thoroughly and scrape clean all the glue sediments on your teeth, and take a mold for your new retainer.

The next question will definitely be how will your teeth look?

How it looks is entirely dependent on how well you cared for them while the braces were in use. They may look perfect if you cared for them well, if not they may look bad covered with yellow tartar and marks usually termed as white scars if the job was not executed well.

Finally you need to learn about how to care for them after the treatment.

Experts at SmileStation have some valuable after care tips to retain good oral health. It is advised to wait at least for a month before any sort of bleaching or whitening treatment is opt by you after the braces treatment. This will give the newly exposed enamel some time to become less sensitive.

Also your teeth and gums will remain sensitive at first. It’s ok to keep away some crunchy and chewy foods for a while.

And finally it’s important to schedule a dental cleaning after a few days to identify if there are likely any areas that have been neglected over the past that needs treatment or repair.

For more information on braces and also different types, visit our website- www.smilestation.in

Remember, our oral hygiene is vital for the longevity of dental implants. It is important to pay special attention to your oral hygiene after surgery. These tips, if followed well will help keep your dental implants functional for longer –

Regular brushing is a necessity

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. This ensures that the growth of bacteria is prevented and your teeth will stay protected from tooth decay and other oral diseases. For over a 1000 bacteria and viruses can be found in the mouth, and this makes it important to keep clean.

Daily flossing is a must

Flossing should generally be included in your daily oral hygiene routine. Flossing will help remove food debris from between the teeth and upon the implants as well. This prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and ensures the development of tooth decay and gum disease is kept at bay.

Get your regular dental appointments

It is equally important to have the dental implants checked regularly. Such regular dental examinations makes sure that your dentist knows the current status on your implants and how it is developing and he will also be able to give you coaching as to how to avoid any serious problems if any. Doing this on a regular basis will help in identifying any problems and deal with them early during the course.

Get professional cleaning regularly

Having your teeth cleaned regular by a professional is also essential for teeth and gum health. Make sure your teeth are professionally cleaned 4 times a year during the first year after the implant placement. We recommend quarterly cleaning intervals initially to help you establish habits that are good and help you maintain your soft tissues healthy. However, your dental hygienist should be your best resource to understand how often YOU will need to have your teeth cleaned.

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In the modern days, Orthodontics offers a variety of braces than ever before. Check out a few of them –

Metal braces

These are metal brackets and wires that most people picture when they hear the word “braces.” Modern brackets are smaller and less noticeable compared to the notorious “metal-mouth” braces that most adults remember. Also, the new heat-activated arch wires that use your body heat to help your teeth move more quickly and less painfully than in the past makes a big difference.

They are least expensive types and also few colored bands give kids a chance to express themselves. There are no such major cons to add to it apart from the fact that they are noticeable.

The lingual braces

The Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces, apart from the fact that these brackets and wires are placed on the inside of your teeth.

But the problems with these braces are that they are difficult to clean; pretty expensive; and not very appropriate for severe cases; they also can be more uncomfortable in the beginning.

Ceramic braces

The Ceramic braces are of the same size and shape as metal braces, but except that they have an unique color as the tooth or are even clear brackets that blend in to teeth. Some even use tooth-colored wires to be even less noticeable.

Exactly what makes them unique are that they are less noticeable than metal braces and move teeth much faster than clear plastic aligners which are also known as Invisalign.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces consist of a series of 18 to 30 custom-made, mouth guards that are like clear plastic aligners. To add on, these aligners are removable and are to be replaced every 2 weeks.

However, this will not work for serious dental conditions and are only available for adults and teens, they are comparatively more expensive and can be easily lost as it is transparent and are indeed costly to replace.

But nevertheless, they are one of the best in the modern times.

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Watch closely any red-carpet awards show, and there are good chances that some of the brilliantly white smiles beaming at the camera were custom crafted by us, we are professionals at Smile Station throwing light at your dreams and helping you live them.

Our practices are about more than just aesthetics, though. We also emphasize the benefits of good oral hygiene. Even when you’re not planning to attend a movie premiere anytime soon, we would still want to share some secrets with you that our A-list clientele believe were advised off, and here they are –

  • Don’t be dependent completely on your dentist, most people give the responsibility of their teeth to their health professional and they believe all they need to do is go to the dentist for a cleaning twice in a year. But as a matter of fact, you should be responsible enough for your own oral health with proper daily home care.
  • Watch your diet as it influences lot of oral diseases if not having a hygienic diet. Some foods are damaging to the teeth because of their acidic nature, the more chance there is of erosion, and that is some serious trouble. The problem here is that all refined eatables adhere easily to the surface of the teeth; this is why health experts say whole wheat bread is better for your teeth compared to white bread.
  • Think before you drink, alcohol consumption is a big ‘NO’ as it turns into sugar. Most of us drink without thinking much of it, but consumption of alcohol will create erosion and damage the structure of the teeth.
  • Keeping a fluoride stash helps in most cases, have fluoride at home to re-mineralize the teeth that will actually make them stronger and more resistant to breakdown is a wise decision. But we suggest you to reach to us and enquire in order to know what type of fluoride will suit you, as there is variety in here for it.
  • Most of us forget the purposes of things, one such scenario is that we use our teeth for various other purposes for opening plastic bags, bottle caps etc. with their front teeth, where we see dental accidents. We need to understand that our teeth should be working as a group. When they work as a group, the force distribution is better, and each of them takes less stress. Especially when you use one particular tooth to focus all the force, there are greater chances of it to break.

However, having a healthy oral hygiene is a matter of choice. At smile station we believe in consistency, having a constant routine of good habits can influence the body also to adapt to a healthy regime.

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