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Tonsil stones, or commonly known astonsillitis, are a hard whitish or yellow formation that are usually located on or within the tonsils.

It is common for those individuals with tonsil stones to not even recognize that they are having one. Tonsils are easily visible and they usually range from rice-sized stone to a large grape sized one. These stones rarely cause any long term or major health complications. They sometimes can grow into larger sizes that lead to swelling of your tonsils, and they have a very unpleasant odor.

What causes tonsil stones?

Tonsils stones are made up of tunnels,crevices and pits namely tonsil crypts. The different types of debris, like the dead cells, saliva,mucus and food that usually get trapped in these openings and begin to build up. Even bacteria and fungi feed on this formation and begin to emit a distinct bad odor.

Eventually, the debris begins to harden and form a tonsil stone. The potential causes that trigger a tonsil stone formation are:

  • Poororal hygiene
  • Having large tonsils
  • Chronic sinus Problems
  • Inflamed tonsils

The symptoms of tonsil stones

Though some stones are hardly visible, they too can cause some serious damage, in this case let’s see the probable symptoms:

  • Bad breath
  • Sore/Dry throat
  • Having trouble swallowing food or any liquids
  • Ear pain
  • Cough
  • Formation of white or yellowish debris on the tonsil

How to prevent tonsil stones

If you suffer from tonsil stones, there are possibilities that they may occur on a regular basis. But fortunately, there are some steps you could follow to prevent them:

  • If you adapt and practicing good oral hygiene
  • Quit smoking
  • Occasionally gargle with Luke warm salt water
  • Make sure you consume sufficient water or more to stay hydrated

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What is a Healthy Diet?

Everyone needs a healthy diet, something that includes all essential nutrients in appropriate quantity to promote health and to prevent diseases. The healthy diet is more concentrated on the variety, balance, and also moderation of food items.


Of course we get tired and bored of the routine diet, everyone needs a moderation in the food they eat in order to keep their taste buds active and also to maintain good health. No matter how healthy you eat, you need variety; there is no single food that can fulfill all the daily nutrient requirements of the body. Adding variety into your daily meal makes food time more interesting as well keeps your body healthy and balanced.


Consumption of anything in excess is dangerous, in the same context if your meal is not well balanced; it is still not healthy no matter how rich the food item is. Generally, we achieve a balanced diet by consuming appropriate amounts of food items from the recommended food categories as a routine. This needs to be carefully monitors in case you are working out at the gym or are doing strenuous work on a daily basis.


It’s very important to choose certain foods and beverages in the right serving and sizes that will be appropriate for our energy levels. Though we are trying to gain control over calories, fat consumption level, cholesterol level and even the sugars we consume, there will be certain foods that can trick us into this. So keep a keen eye on what you consume, and also the moderation level needs to be very vital to maintain a healthy weight.

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Sometimes it’s our mouth that is the dirtiest part of the body; it’s the hive for bacteria. But have you ever thought how the wounds in our mouth heal much quick compared to other wounds on the body. But the mouth is still not prone to infections.

It’s an important question that many medical professionals and experts across the globe are haunted by. While some are trying to unravel this mystery, a renowned scientist discovered a bacterium that is commonly found inside the mouth. This bacterium stimulates the production of a substance called human beta defensins. The hBDs produce cells inside the lining the mouth which act as natural antibiotics. It keeps the disease-causing bacteria, fungi and other viruses in bay.

The dental practitioners were only able to isolate a particular agent from bacteria that triggered production of health-promoting hBDs. In the upcoming years, researchers believe to develop different ways to fight oral diseases by using this agent to stimulate natural defenses and the body’s mucous membranes present inside the mouth. It is important to eat healthy and avoid sugary products to prevent tooth decay. Also staying hydrated adequately is important for a healthy oral care. Visit your dentist at least twice a year. If you could follow these healthy tips and maintain a good overall health then you can avoid maximum of dental issues. For dental health assistance, visit www.smilestation.in

Medications are helpful in healing lots of medical conditions, but some particular medicines, can cause damage to your teeth for the period that they’re in your mouths. This is a problem in children as they are a little uneasy about swallowing their medicines, mostly their medications are in the form of sugary tonics and multivitamins. These eventually lead to oral bacteria formation causing tooth decay.

Side-Effects for Your Mouth

Most common medications, though they are not very harmful while you are ingesting them, but they can prove to be fatal to the oral health when used long term. The possible side effects are –

It causes Inflammation and Excessive Bleeding in the Gums

Your gums become tender and swollen once you start any new medication that you are allergic to, in that case discuss with a medical professional. Most of the over the counter pills can cause excessive growth of the gums; this puts you at higher risks of gum disease.

Change in Taste

Some tablets that are related to heart, the nervous system stimulants or even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines can cause bitterness in your mouth. This might not be a serious side-effect though but however it can be unpleasant to foodies.

Dry Mouth Syndrome

This is a common side-effect caused due to medications. A wide range of pills, like the antihistamines, blood pressure medications, over the counter painkillersand muscle pain pills and many more can cause dry mouth.

The best is to make sure your medications aren’t causing any problem to your oral health. Always discuss this with your dental consultant if you experience any discomfort in the mouth due to any medicines. For more medical tips, reach www.smilestation.in

Having a good overall health is equally critical to the overall health of your gums and teeth. Did you know that your dentist can also find out signs of non-dental medical conditions while examining your mouth? Yes they can! The most common conditions to be noticed by your dentist is diabetes, any internal infections, oral cancer, stress, lack of nutrition, and osteoporosis.


If you are diabetic, your doctor can find it out by looking at your mouth for loose teeth, dry mouth conditions or receding and bleeding gums. All these are caused due to poor immunity and incapability of our system to fight diseases. In this case, any wounds and gum line infections are hard to heal for diabetic patients.

Oral Cancer

Topping the chart at 6th place, oral cancer is one of the common types of cancer. If you visit your dentist in the right interval, say twice a year, and then he/she can look for signs or symptoms for the disease if any. The oral cancer usually shows up as red and white lesions on the surface of your mouth, tongue, or the platelet.

Oral cancer is usually triggered by the heavy use of alcohol, smoking of cigarettes, and exposure to the human papillomavirus, which can also lead to cervical cancer.


We all have busy days at work, sometimes it gets so intense that it goes on and on for weeks and months…that’s when we build up the stress which has unforgiving effects on our oral hygiene. Bruxism is the commonest of all stress related oral problems; this is also called teeth grinding.

Grinding your teeth can cause some serious damage to your teeth,often the dentists will recommend a customized mouth guard especially for the nights. But its best advised to adapt and make lifestyle changes that can reduce stress to some extent.

Lack of Nutrition

Most patients who have bad eating habits tend to have lack of nutrition and that can be clearly visible in their mouth.A dentist will know what signs to look for;in this case, the most common are dry mouth, gums bleeding, and erosion on the insides of the front teeth.

On the safer side it is best to visit your dentist occasionally and to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. For more dental tips and information, visit www.smilestation.in

Ever heard about this innovative type of dental procedure, if not, then this is the time. The Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive treatment when you’re facing any sort of gum surgery, cavity treatments, or any oral issues.

Are you eager to know that the Laser Dentistry Can Treat? Here is a list –

Laser dentistry can treat any gum related issues like:

  • If you have cold sore pain or canker sores
  • To treat root canal infections
  • To fix any kind of gum diseases
  • If you need a Gum reshaping
  • In case of Biopsies
  • If there are exposing wisdom teeth
  • Used to removing throat tissue which cause sleep apnea
  • To regenerate any damaged nerves and many more such treatments

Most dentists prefer laser dentistry as it benefits the process with its efficiency and is smoother to handle. Laser dentistry also leverages discomfort on a large margin and also heals quicker than the regular procedures.

  • With the laser treatment, the patients don’t need sutures in most cases
  • Anesthesia becomes unnecessary or less important
  • The laser surgery will sterilize your gums, causing minimal infection or nothing at all
  • As there is minimal damage to the gums, the healing time is less
  • There is less bloodshed in the laser treatments

When you meet your dentist fora laser dentistry appointment, you probably would be surprised to notice how this appointment is similar to other dental procedures. You get an anesthesia shot as per the requirements, mostly a minimal one compared to other procedures…of course for patients who suffer from anxiety issues might also receive a sedative shot along with the anesthesia.

There would be no vibrations or discomfort during this procedure when compared to the traditional drilling and cracking ones. Like any other time, any bleeding that occurs during the treatment gets wiped away, just like always. This is a painless and hassle free surgical method and a great innovation in the field of medical science. Know more about interesting treatments on www.smilestation.in

Although it can take too much of swimming before any problems begin to show up and for the damage to become noticeable. Do you know why the water in the pools damages teeth? Well, we will tell you!

Chlorine is goodfor Sanitation but a Disaster for Teeth

Yes, the same chemical that eliminates germs that are present in the fresh water can also be pretty dangerous on our teeth if the swimming pools pH level isn’t monitored regularly. The precise level of pH in swimming pool water is about 7.2-7.8, but it can easily turn into becomingacidic due to the chlorine.

Swimmer’s Calculus, a Risk for Serious Swimmers

Swimmer’s Calculus is a dangerous condition that damages the tooth enamel after high exposure to acidic chlorine ions. Did you know the pH level of saliva in a healthy mouth is close to neutral?Maintaining this level will keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Some acids like the diluted hydrochloric acid that are added to the pools with chlorine will cause damage to tooth enamel. This can end up giving you a “swimmer’s calculus or maybe a yellow and brown colored stains on our teeth. This can also cause teeth sensitivity and erosion of enamel and make it more vulnerable dentin underneath.

The Underwater Tooth Problems

Maybe you love swimming in natural water bodies rather than lazing in any public pool. But do remember these natural water bodies come with their own set of problems. While you dive deeper into the water, there could probably be a problem, it is called Barodontalgia, in simple“tooth squeeze”, this happens when tiny air bubbles get trapped in cracks or crevices, or the holes in your teeth and they change size die to the pressure. This can possibly result in significant tooth pain or worse even fractured teeth.

The next time you decide to take a dip in the pool, its best to consult your doctor before getting yourself in any trouble, also visit www.smilestation.in for all your dental problems, we provide the best solution.

Did you know everyone’s teeth color is different? Thoughall of us prefer the bright and white, in reality most of us possess yellowish, brown or grey teeth. Having this type of teeth are often attributable to poor oral hygiene or to bad habits like smoking. Well, if surface stains are the reason for your teeth’s discoloration, then you can try using a teeth whitening toothpaste recommended by the doctor.

All about Whitening Toothpastes

Generally, non-whitening toothpastes are made to help clear off some surface stains while they also clean teeth and improve overall oral the health. Whitening toothpastes mostly contain more abrasive ingredients, like silica, that can scrub the surface of the teeth.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening products or in this case, toothpastes won’t give you dramatic, bright results unless you naturally possess very white teeth. In case you want to actually whiten your teeth, then you must consider bleaching them. Pay a visit to your dentist for a professional help, this will typically involve bleaching and a special light to get your teeth the perfect white look.

Remember that all results will vary accordingly. Make sure you use whitening toothpastes and other whitening products of best quality.

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Are you familiar with you being given a rectangular contraption and told to bite them on for a while, and then you hear that tinny beep…yup that’s how an X-Ray is taken! But have you ever wondered how many different types of X-Rays are there? Well, take a look here –

Panoramic X-Rays (The Big Picture)

Were you ever asked to stand on a circular platform and not move for several seconds while the machine revolved around your head? That’s a panoramic X-ray;it is the most common type of extra oral dental X-ray.

This enables us to see the entire mouth in one image;here the camera travels all the way around your head clicking pictures. These X-rays show us the complete set of teeth and wisdom teeth, including any impacted area. This is how the doctors determine if there is enough space for these teeth to erupt and if they’ll come in on their own. Panoramic X-rays are also a great way of detecting tumors, cysts, and abscesses.

Bitewing X-Rays (Glamor shots)

That’s right, you guessed it correct! Bitewing X-rays are those where the patient is requested to bite down on a small piece of dental film before the image is clicked. A dental film will be placed inside your mouth, bitewing X-rays is an intraoral X-ray, so the dental film will help the experts capture a better visual of the inside of your mouth. It will be taken for each of the four quadrants in your mouth.

These X-rays are taken to give us a clear view of the crevices present in between your teeth. With the help of these images, we can easily identify tooth decay and cavities.

Periapical X-Rays (close-up)

It is a type of intraoral X-ray that takes us closer to the dental world. In case a specific tooth or area in your mouth is bothersome, dentists take aPeriapical X-ray to get a better visual of what’s going on inside your mouth. However, they can also be taken alongside the bitewing X-rays, even when are not aware of an obvious tooth issue.

Bottom line, all types of X-rays are simple and painless procedures, the usage of low-risk tools usually help identify dental problems early on. However, visiting your dentist on a regular basis is the best preventive method of all. Visit us at www.smilestation.in and we will be more than happy to help you!

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