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What are the non-dental medical conditions your dentist can find out about?

Having a good overall health is equally critical to the overall health of your gums and teeth. Did you know that your dentist can also find out signs of non-dental medical conditions while examining your mouth? Yes they can! The most common conditions to be noticed by your dentist is diabetes, any internal infections, oral cancer, stress, lack of nutrition, and osteoporosis.


If you are diabetic, your doctor can find it out by looking at your mouth for loose teeth, dry mouth conditions or receding and bleeding gums. All these are caused due to poor immunity and incapability of our system to fight diseases. In this case, any wounds and gum line infections are hard to heal for diabetic patients.

Oral Cancer

Topping the chart at 6th place, oral cancer is one of the common types of cancer. If you visit your dentist in the right interval, say twice a year, and then he/she can look for signs or symptoms for the disease if any. The oral cancer usually shows up as red and white lesions on the surface of your mouth, tongue, or the platelet.

Oral cancer is usually triggered by the heavy use of alcohol, smoking of cigarettes, and exposure to the human papillomavirus, which can also lead to cervical cancer.


We all have busy days at work, sometimes it gets so intense that it goes on and on for weeks and months…that’s when we build up the stress which has unforgiving effects on our oral hygiene. Bruxism is the commonest of all stress related oral problems; this is also called teeth grinding.

Grinding your teeth can cause some serious damage to your teeth,often the dentists will recommend a customized mouth guard especially for the nights. But its best advised to adapt and make lifestyle changes that can reduce stress to some extent.

Lack of Nutrition

Most patients who have bad eating habits tend to have lack of nutrition and that can be clearly visible in their mouth.A dentist will know what signs to look for;in this case, the most common are dry mouth, gums bleeding, and erosion on the insides of the front teeth.

On the safer side it is best to visit your dentist occasionally and to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. For more dental tips and information, visit www.smilestation.in

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