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All on 4 / Teeth in a Day

Have you just lost all your teeth or hanging on to those last few ones? Do you have loose uncomfortable dentures that have a mind of their own? Or do know someone dear to you in a similar plight?

The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and dental implants may be just the solution you were looking for. Dental implants are sturdy predictable fixed dental replacements that feel and function just like your natural teeth and requiring the same dental care as natural teeth.

The latest technological advancement in the field of Implant dentistry has given rise to options like never before. In “Teeth in a Day” also called “All on 4” you could now replace all the teeth in a jaw supported by as less as 4 implants and that too get your new teeth in just a single day. It not only saves you from the embarrassment of being toothless, but it also vastly reduces the cost of dental rehabilitation and more complex surgical procedures like block grafts, nerve repositioning and sinus lifts.

The best news is that this concept allows implants even possible in people who were denied implants previously due to “Atrophic bone” or “No bone”.

At Smile Station, it all starts with a consultation, accurate clinical evaluation and diagnosis followed by some basic measurements and a CT scan of the toothless jaw. A detailed planning is done in terms of location, angulation, dimensions of the implants and the number of replacement teeth. A surgical stent along with a temporary denture is constructed prior to the implant appointment. In case you are already wearing a denture, it itself may be used.

On the day of the appointment, the implants are placed as decided in appropriate locations painlessly with use of local anaesthetics. The denture is then fastened to the implants not only to give you teeth right away, but also to keep the implants secure and immobile which is very critical in the implants fusing to the bone. After 3 to 4 months, when the implants have fused, a more definitive long term dental replacement is done.

The “All on 4” is a technique sensitive procedure and involves a high clinical competency from the clinicians. Dr. Gurudev and Dr. Ali are certified and trained in “All on 4” and have successfully completed some challenging cases and look forward to meeting you, if you are considering “All on 4”.

Why have sleepless nights fearing the embarrassment of having no teeth? Consult us right away and look forward to eating some of your favorite foods that you haven’t been able to enjoy in quite a while.

“I was deeply touched by this 65 year old bubbly young lady who got in touch with us for a permanent solution regarding her wobbly lower denture of many years. She always wanted a sturdy solution for this denture problem, but she had no dentists offering her solutions. She had almost no bone and the dentists had told her to accept the harsh reality.

A determined lady that she was, after years of hope finally searched us and flew all the way from Assam to Bangalore to get her teeth done. It was a challenge as she almost had no bone. An accurate assessment and execution by both of us, Dr. Ali and me, saw her fly back with implants. She would come back for her permanent teeth months later. We now have a holiday home in Assam and thanks for the invite, Mrs. Nagi”……yours truly, Dr. Gurudev.

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