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Bonding is an approach of restoring a chipped/ fractured tooth or a decaying tooth cosmetically. Bonding can also help you to close those small spaces and minor irregularities between your teeth that you always wanted to mend. It involves understanding the structure of your teeth and applying an appropriate restorative material to recreate your teeth back to its best shape and form.

We at Smile Station use tooth-coloured composite restorative resin or dental ceramics to restore the lost part of the tooth in such a way that it actually blends and exactly matches the neighbouring natural teeth. The modern composites used in bonding are super strong and adhere to the dentin and enamel of your teeth.

Bonding with composite resins usually needs a single visit, without the need of any dental fabrication, thus costing less. They need moderate maintenance and need occasional touch ups and polishing to keep them in a good condition. Dental porcelain/ ceramics on the other hand need a couple of visits but are extremely hard and virtually need no maintenance.

To know more about bonding, or to find out which type of bonding suits you the best, do consult us at Smile Station and we would be more than happy to meet you.

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“I am extremely happy with the work Dr. Gurudev did. I can now smile without being afraid to show my teeth. I really am thrilled and would urge anyone seeking cosmetic dentistry to visit him”>- Sheelagh Bissett, London