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Correction of Gummy Smiles

People generally seek cosmetic dental treatment when they are unhappy with their smiles. Some people feel that they show too much gums when they smile. This may be either because their teeth appear to be too small, or their gum tissue shows up to such an extent that it is an eye sore making them feel self-conscious when they smile.

Even though it is a matter of perception, and varies from person to person, it is found that a smile is considered as gummy when 4mm or more of the gums is seen when you smile. The position of your upper lip plays an important role in revealing how much of your gums are seen. Smiles look “gummy” if the proportions of the teeth, upper jaw, and the gum tissues are not in sync with each other.

At Smile Station, we first analyze why your smile looks gummy. Usually an excessive volume of gums are revealed when you smile, needing periodontal plastic surgery. Dental lasers are used during the corrective plastic surgery and are currently the best solution for gummy smiles. Once the proper smile proportions are achieved, porcelain veneers may usually be needed to get that beautiful smile you always wanted.

There might be gumminess in your smile due to compensatory eruption, in which the teeth keep erupting to compensate for the usual wear and tear. It creates more gumminess to the smile as they erupt further. It can be corrected with braces and may also need a bit of bonding towards the end of the correction to give you a great smile.

Gummy smiles exist due to a variety of reasons and the proper diagnosis is critical. Thus, there are many ways to correct them.

If the gumminess in your smile is preventing you from smiling your best, then let us meet soon and let us something about it.

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