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De-pigmentation of Dark Gums

Do you have dark gums? Do you have a beautiful smile but are your dark gums spoiling the show?
If so, then just relax. Your concern is genuine and so has been for so many people just like you. The colour of your gums is determined in the same way as that of your skin. The concentration of melanin producing cells called Melanocytes is mainly responsible for deciding the colour of your gums. Its concentration is usually influenced by factors like genetics, race, certain medications, smoking, poor periodontal health and many more.

At Smile Station, we lighten the shade of your gums non-surgically with the help of lasers. These lasers are gentle and vaporize these melanocytes and the new layer that forms is lighter. Depending on the intensity of the shade, multiple sessions may be needed over a period of time. At the same time all efforts needs to be done to eliminate the contributing factors.

The entire procedure is performed painlessly with the use of local anesthetics and there is a mild to manageable discomfort during the healing days.

If you are considering lightening your gums, think no further. Schedule an appointment and see how the dark gum just goes away.

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