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For many a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of Orthodontics and one that has been proved to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. Orthodontics involves diagnosis, prevention and treatment of both dental and facial irregularities.

Mal-alignment of teeth are mainly inherited and some are acquired. Inherited problems include overbite, overcrowding of the teeth, too much space between teeth and missing teeth to just name a few. Acquired problems may be caused by trauma, habits like thumb sucking and premature loss of teeth. But bad bites can also be caused due to skeletal growth problems. Under development of the lower jaw being the most common type. Early treatment in these cases makes a big difference.

Orthodontics involves aligning your teeth over a period of time with gentle continuous on your teeth in a carefully controlled direction. Today we have various choices. Some are removable, some are fixed. Some are metallic, some are invisible. You could always opt for something that you prefer or we could help you in deciding the braces best for you.

• Metallic Braces – These are the most common form of braces used to align your teeth. Metallic brackets are bonded on the front surface the teeth with a metallic wire passing through them. These are ideally not suited for teens and adults who are very conscious about the way they look. But effective none the less.

• Ceramic Braces – These are similar to the metallic braces in many ways, but differ in the material and looks. The ceramic brackets and the ultra-thin wires tend to blend with the teeth and are not much visible at a social distance. They are more widely accepted by adults due to its esthetics.

• Lingual braces – These are customized metallic braces that are bonded behind your teeth on the inner surface and are totally invisible. They are effective but need patience getting used to. Again these are widely sought after by self-conscious adults.

• Clear Aligners – These are clear, plastic, transparent, disposable, removable trays that are worn over the teeth. They do not involve any brackets or wires and are a clear alternative to metallic braces. They are worn sequentially and changed every 2 weeks. They are most suitable for young teens, self-conscious adults, professionals from the glamour industry, models and on-screen personnel.

• Inman Aligners – These are removable braces using a unique spring system that aligns the front teeth in just weeks. It involves 3D printing technology and has its own indications.

Straight teeth allow you to bite, chew and speak more effectively and may be easier to clean leading to better oral health.

At Smile Station, we recommend orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. Early detection and corrective procedures intercept the developing mal-alignment and avoid more complex procedures at a later stage. Today Orthodontics is just not for the school and college goers. Adult orthodontics has advanced tremendously over the years with 2 in every 5 individual being adults.

Treatment time typically ranges from 1 to 3 years depending on the growth of the face and the jaws and also the severity of the problem. It may also take as less as 12 weeks to correct minor orthodontic problems. At the end of the treatment, retainers are used to retain your teeth in the new position and keep your smile beautiful

At Smile Station we have an amazing Orthodontics team. Dr. Lakshmikanth’s vast experience is a priceless asset. While Dr. Sharat is internationally certified in Lingual Braces and Incognito Braces, Dr. Gurudev is internationally certified in Clear Aligners therapy (Clearpath) and Inman Aligners.

Make an appointment today to learn how the magic of Orthodontics can improve your smile, boost your self-confidence and enhance your life.

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