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Dental Surgeries

The word “surgery” somewhat brings a trauma to our mind, and generally people relate it with general anaesthesia, lengthy recovery period and lots of pain. But, the experience of having dental surgery is completely different as it is performed under local anaesthesia and requires minimal recovery time. Dental surgery ranges from normal procedures, such as tooth extractions and dental implant placement, to more complex realignment of the jaw and emergency care in the case of facial trauma.

Dental surgeries may be performed to relieve pain, treat any infection, restore dental function, or improve your appearance. Generally, dental surgery includes treatments like:

Tooth extraction: There are several reasons when you may need a undergo tooth extraction. This may be your wisdom tooth that is impacted with some infection, an affected or decayed tooth that cannot be saved, and overcrowded teeth that have to be removed to facilitate proper alignment in the case of orthodontic treatment.

Dental Implants: One of the most preferred methods of replacing a tooth is achieved using titanium dental implant that is placed underneath your gum line into the jawbone through a minor surgical procedure. The implant is then connected to a dental crown that resembles a real tooth and is indistinguishable from the natural tooth.

Periodontal Surgery: Receding gum lines and loss of supporting bone around teeth are dental to be addressed right away. A timely corrective procedure prevents further deterioration of the gums and bone health and could eventually mean preventing loss of teeth. This is a minor procedure and lasers are used in appropriate situations.

Correction of Jaw Surgery: Sometimes a person might require a complete smile makeover and this may require the correction of jaws as the upper and lower jaws may not be fitting each other properly. This can affect jaw functioning, biting and overall appearance.

TMD: TMD generally happens due to problem in the jaw, jaw-point, and the facial muscles that control chewing. All this may lead to chronic jaw pain and requires surgery to relieve from such pain.

Facial Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery: In the case of facial injuries one might need to undergo surgeries to correct his or her overall appearance.

Cleft in the Lip or Palate: Cleft in lips is a birth defect that is common on the upper lips and affects the way one speaks. With proper surgical treatment, one can overcome this defect and lead a healthy life.

At Smile Station, we diagnose the problem and arrive at a proper treatment plan. We provide all the details about the procedure, so as to relieve you from the anxiety of what is going to happen during the surgery. You are free to ask any questions and discuss problems you feel.

All our specialists – Dr. Gurudev, Dr. Prithvi, Dr. Rajendra, Dr. Balasubramanya, Dr. Shabeer, Dr. Surindher are gentle, understand your fears and concerns genuinely and make all efforts to make you comfortable before, during the procedure and also during the follow up visits. They are all internationally trained/ certified and some of them even consult internationally standing up to global standards and are associated with reputed centres in Bangalore.

If you face any dental issues, feel free to visit Smile Station in Indiranagar, Bangalore by taking an appointment right away.

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