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Invisible braces


You might have always loved to have beautiful well aligned teeth but didn’t want you to see yourself wearing braces. We now have an option for you – Clear orthodontic aligners.

Clear aligners, commonly known as invisible braces are a new and remarkable way to improve your smile. They are actually clear plastic trays, entirely detachable and do not involve wires or brackets, so they are nearly invisible. This technique appeals for many adults who prefer discreet form of orthodontic treatment, rather than feeling uncomfortable wearing dental braces and feel uneasy in certain professional and social situations. Some teenagers, too, would rather wear less obvious orthodontic appliances as they develop a positive self-image. Clear aligners would certainly be an ideal option if you are:

  • A frequent traveler like an Expat, a Foreigner, or a NRI,
  • A glamour professional like an Air Hostess, Model, or an Actor,
  • A Corporate Entrepreneur, Manager, or Executive
  • A Socialite or just
  • Aesthetically ultra-conscious.

Clear aligners can correct crowded or crooked teeth, spaces between teeth, open bites, where the front upper and lower teeth do not meet each other and cross bites to mention a few orthodontic problems.

So how can such a thin, removable tray get such a job done? Believe it or not, it’s the same way as traditional braces by applying carefully controlled gentle forces to the teeth. The first step is for us to evaluate whether clear aligners are right for you. If they are, X-rays and impressions are made and a customized plan is done and sent to the specialized lab. They will make the tray that will gradually move your teeth into proper position. Once you receive the tray from us, you will wear the first one for 20 hours per day for 2 weeks, removing them only while eating and when you brush and floss your teeth. Then it’s time to move to the next tray to accomplish the next gradual movement and so on, until the desired results are achieved. The duration of treatment will generally range from 6 to 24 months. At the end, you will need to use a retainer – just as you would wear with any other orthodontic treatment.

Are clear aligners comfortable? They may take some time to getting used to, but you will adapt quickly. There are some situations in which traditional braces may still be the best way to go. It depends on your individual situation. As with any orthodontic treatment, maintaining a good oral hygiene is important.

Are the aligners effective? Align technology is US FDA approved and has come under mainstream Orthodontics in recent years completing more than 3 million cases successfully across the globe under various brands like Invisalign and Clearpath. So be calm and relaxed, you would be travelling the path, many have already travelled successfully.

Are Aligners expensive? The cost depends on the severity of the mal-alignment and the duration involved, but Smile Station provides you an EMI option based on the RBI regulations to make align technology affordable to everyone.

Are clear aligners right for you? Schedule an appointment with us to find out.

Dr Gurudev, is one of the few  certified Clearpath practitioners in Bangalore.

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