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Laser Dentistry

Laser application in dentistry is on the rise due to their minimalistic invasive nature by treating targeted tissues without involving the surrounding areas. The ability to seal of blood vessels and nerve endings during the procedure greatly reduces post-operative pain and swelling, hence ensuring a faster recovery. During the laser procedures both you and the operators need to wear a special protective eyewear. FDA has approved the use of lasers in dentistry almost a decade ago and has a wide range of applications.

At Smile Station, soft tissue lasers are used to

  • Reshaping the gums for cosmetic reasons like reducing a gummy smile
  • Clipping of muscle attachments of the tongue, cheeks or lips interfering in normal speech or causing gaps between teeth or creating excessive tissue loss around teeth.
  • Removal of soft tissue growths causing aesthetic or functional interference
  • Treat periodontal or gum disease by eliminating the bacteria in the periodontal pockets and creating new attachments. (LANAP)
  • Reduce or eliminate bacterial ingress into our systems through the pockets responsible for heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other major disorders.
  • Treat Herpetic lesions (Cold sores) and Apthous Ulcers (Cancer sores) in the stinging stage before the they breaks open.

Dr. Balasubramanya specialized in Laser Dentistry is the visiting consultant. He is has undergone extensive training in dental Lasers in Germany, is an international faculty and practices exclusively laser dentistry

Laser treatment is state of the art technology and with its proper use, you could get back on track, ready to face the world with a smile

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