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Painless Root Canals

How often have you avoided going to a dentist fearing a root canal? How often have you called your buddy and exclaimed “Oh, my God, I think I need a root canal!!!”

Yeah, for many, pain is almost always associated with a root canal. A root canal treatment is normally required when a tooth gets infected by a deep cavity or the gums or trauma to the tooth. It involves removal of all the infected tissues from the marrow of the tooth, cleansing the canals with a disinfectant solution, shaping of the canals and finally filling the canals till the tip of the roots with an inert, long lasting resin material. The whole process may be done in a single visit or may involve a couple of visits as may be needed.

To begin with, at Smile Station, we relate completely to this feeling of yours. We make all efforts to calm you and address all your fears and concerns to provide a completely pain free experience. We understand the gravity of the problem and may even suggest you to start with antibiotics and pain killers a couple of days before the appointment. This ensures the tooth going completely numb during the root canal, finally putting you at ease.

At Smile Station, we have had countless happy clients who has come in with a frown, but walked out with a smile after a root canal. Some of them have become best friends of our lifetime. Their testimonials as you would see, says it all.

If you are in pain right now and may need a root canal, fear no more and just click the link below to see your pain go away.

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