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Sinus lifts

Sinus lift is a procedure that may be performed along with placement of an implant in the upper back jaw. A sinus lift is generally recommended when the amount of bone found in your upper jaw that is occupied by your molar teeth is inadequate to accommodate the dental implant. There can be several reasons for this insufficiency to accommodate a dental implant. Any person having a combination of small upper jaw and large sinus, or anyone who has experienced bone loss due to gum disease or bone loss due to tooth extraction long ago will have the problem of insufficiency in bone to place the tooth implant.

A Sinus lift needs to be planned well. A cone beam CT provides exact details of the proposed area. The procedure is totally painless and local anaesthesia alone is sufficient. A space is created below the sinus floor and is packed with graft material providing new bone into which the dental implants are placed. Most often we place the dental implant at the same time while performing the sinus lift.

Graft materials used for sinus lift procedure by us at Smile Station are a combination of your own blood ingredient – Plasma rich fibrin and bone from another location in your mouth or we can use synthetic materials or processed bone as may be needed.

At Smile Station all Sinus lift procedures and implant placements are done by the experienced team of Oral Implantologists – Dr. Gurudev and Dr. Mohammed Ali. They have numerous happy clients both locally and internationally who underwent Sinus lifts to their credit.

To know more about sinus lifts and dental implants, do take an appointment right away.

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