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Teeth Whitening

A sparkling white smile is something all of us would like to have. Having an attractive smile can boost your self-confidence and open the world of opportunities. Studies have shown that the most attractive feature in a person is their smile. But our teeth do not always look as white as we would want them to be. Some of our favorite foods and drinks like coffee and red wine discolour our teeth; habits like smoking or simply aging can cause our teeth to yellow. It eventually happens to all of us at some time, but we not necessarily accept it.

You can now enhance your smile inexpensively by teeth whitening. You probably have seen TV commercials that claim to whiten your teeth to varying degrees, but the fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is at the dentist’s clinic by a process known as “Power bleach” or more popular as “ZOOM” teeth whitening.

At Smile Station, here in Bangalore we provide a tailored premium whitening experience. We lighten your teeth 3 to 8 shades that can last 2 to 3 years, in less than 30 minutes while you cozy up listening to your favorite music. The process that we use involves a special cooling light to fasten the whitening process and is a very safe clinically proven process. It does not involve any lasers, heat or UV rays. Teeth sensitivity with our technology does not arise, but should it do so, then it would be minor that usually clears in a short time.

Over the counter teeth whiteners could lead to serious sensitivity, gum irritation and even over-whitening. Please note that teeth whitening will not affect pre-existing crowns, veneers or fillings and is not a permanent process. It is possible to have lasting results by occasional touch-ups and avoiding certain foods and habits.

Be it your graduation day or your wedding, teeth whitening can dramatically enhance your smile and give your teeth brighter days once again.

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