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Tooth Extraction : Is There Anything to Fear?

Tooth Extraction is generally considered as the last and final step only taken to prevent a cracked or decayed tooth from creating any other damages. Tooth extraction is also done in the case of teeth crowding or during impacted wisdom tooth, as it may be required to prevent the trouble that make take place at a later time. For most of the dentists, it is a routine procedure and thus, there is nothing to fear about tooth extraction. At Smilestation we have experienced dentists who will help you by extracting the tooth painlessly.

Here we will discuss how it is usually done.

When you first visit us at Smilestation, we check if it is necessary to have the infected tooth being extracted. If this is the case, then a radiographic X-ray examination is carried out that will help our dentist to understand the exact position of the tooth and any possible complications that can cause after extraction. We will also evaluate your medical and drug history. Based on this the dentist will establish all possible options of anaesthesia for you. Simpler tooth extractions are generally performed under local anaesthesia that uses a numbing shot, without the need of additional sedation like nitrous oxide sedation or oral medication. In the case of more complex or multiple teeth extraction dentists use conscious sedation that is administered intravenously into your bloodstream.

Once the process of giving anaesthesia is over, the tooth can be removed easily. Since, the teeth are not set in the bone and are separated from the bone using periodontal ligament fibers any teeth can be dislodged without causing much difficulty. After tooth extraction you can use prescribed antibiotics or recommended over-the-counter pain killers for some days.

When Do One Need to Undergo Tooth Extraction
One of the main aims of all modern dentists is to preserve the natural teeth as long as possible, we hope to do it for a lifetime. This is why in our previous blogs we have laid importance to brushing and flossing. Also, regular examinations and cleanings will also be helpful. But sometimes, a dentist might require extracting one or more of the teeth. This can become important for several reasons.
Trauma – In case of athletes and sportsmen, wherein a blow to the mouth may cause a tooth to crack. Your dentist may try to save the tooth using a crown, or by undergoing a root canal, or maybe both. But sometimes, due to the damage, it will be just impossible to preserve the natural teeth.
Disease or Decay – Diseases may also make preservation of natural teeth impossible. In such situations, it is always better to replace the cracked or diseased tooth with a durable and natural-looking dental implant.
Orthodontic Treatment– During orthodontic treatment one or more teeth might require removal to lessen the condition of crowding of teeth, which generally take place when the jaws don’t have enough space to accommodate all of your teeth. Also, some of you might have issues that include impacted wisdom teeth, baby teeth that have not yet fallen out by themselves and the interference from the nearby teeth or nerves in the mouth may also lead you to extract the affected tooth.

Hope this will help you to lessen your fear towards tooth extraction. In case you feel you are affected do feel free to contact Smilestation.

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