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Tooth Jewellery

People generally say that you are incomplete without a beautiful smile. To enhance the beauty of your smile we now have tooth jewellery, which is the trend among the youngsters and trendy adults. It is one of the best ways to have an amazing and an impressive smile and stand out in the crowd. It could be used routinely or for parties and special occasions like weddings and events.

It is a completely painless procedure, where we bond a dental Swarovski crystal on one of the corner teeth in your smile zone. Usually the tooth of choice is a straighter tooth, so that it draws all the attention from a crooked tooth. It does not involve any damage to your tooth, as it is only bonded or stuck to the tooth surface. The day you want to remove it, all you have to do is visit us for 15 minutes and it is removed without causing any kind of a permanent change.

At Smile Station, we spruce up your smile with Swarovski. You could call it bold, beautify, trendy or even plain right sexy as it represents your personality. So, if you want to add glamour to your smile and define your own style statement, we are just a click away.

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