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Wedding Smiles

Planning a wedding is an exciting time! With hundreds of things to take care of, your smile should not be a concern on the big day. The best thing for you to wear on your wedding day, is your smile and to make them wedding ready is one of the easiest part of the wedding arrangements.

A recent study showed that 77% of the people were dissatisfied with their smile.  A visit to the dentist before the wedding can boost your confidence, rid you of the consciousness and ensure you look your best.

Cosmetic dentists have become an integral part of the wedding brigade and are often considered artists responsible for creating a beautiful smile and instilling confidence in people. We are not talking about just the bride and the groom here, but also the whole wedding party.

If you already have started wondering what would be a good time to visit the cosmetic dentist, EARLIER THE BETTER.  At SMILE STATION, there is no one-procedure-fits-all solution, and our Wedding Smile services include a wide array of services, some needing single visits, while some needing multiple visits, keeping in mind your schedules and timelines.

Some of the services include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Straightening
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Dental Jewelry
  • Reducing a “gummy” smile and the
  • Complete smile makeover

Even a subtle smile enhancement with teeth whitening or bonding can make a dramatic difference to your smile.  A complete smile makeover can even make you look and feel like a whole new person.

Most importantly, don’t forget the dentist after your wedding. Regular and proper maintenance of your teeth is an absolute must to keep you at your smiling best!

Congratulations and keep smiling throughout the exciting and eventful journey ahead!

Photography tips from your smile artist

  • Feel comfortable and confident with your photographer. It reflects in your pictures
  • A slight tilt of your head can overcome facial asymmetries
  • Moisten teeth with your tongue just before the photograph. It makes your teeth twinkle and brightens the photograph
  • Smile with your teeth slightly parted to convey a gentle and natural smile. Do not “over smile” as your eyes will squint
  • Practice smiling in front of the mirror to find your best smile
  • Wear lipstick that compliments your skin tone and attire. And ladies, please shy away from orange toned lipsticks as they tends to make your teeth look yellowish
  • Most important tip, don’t force your smile – just relax and have fun
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